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This is me - Charles


There can nothing further from an overseas banking and business career largely in Asia than Acupuncture.


It all started with my own personal experience of pain and trying to find pain relief for my back when I was younger (athletics, rugby and squash induced). In looking for lasting pain relief, it seems in hindsight that I was looking in all the wrong places - chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, Reiki. Not to say that they didn't offer sometimes immediate and wonderful relief but the problem always came back.  I underwent the dreaded back operation on the recommendation of a top surgeon in Singapore at the age of 40 to cure the problem “once and for all”.


It didn’t.


I ended up seeing another top surgeon who told me "I wouldn't touch your back with a barge pole". It seems I would have been destined to be a statistic – living in pain all my life and taking “medication” with frequent visits to other therapists  – until I found Acupuncture and signed up to see if there were a better way to provide pain relief after a successful encounter with a Chinese Acupuncturist to cure insomnia. 

There was. 

And so I wanted to explore more about Acupuncture for myself - the Traditional Chinese style which seemed appropriate after spending more than 30 years in Asia . The style that looked at people holistically and incorporated concepts like balance and harmony, and the body just needs to be encouraged to heal itself which I had always believed in without always turning to medication. Maybe I too could put a smile on people's faces after treatment. 

I am now a qualified Acupuncturist and Master Practitioner of Tui Na Acupressure Therapy, fully insured and a member of the Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council. 

I look forward to putting the smile back on your face. 

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